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As Vancouver’s adjoining municipality, Burnaby, BC, is an ideal location for anyone looking for a more suburban feel with all of the same access to shopping, culture, food, entertainment, and the outdoors.

As BC’s third fastest-growing municipality, Burnaby is a booming location that also contains pockets of peace and serenity. Working with a mortgage broker in Burnaby can help anyone find a new home that’s perfect for them. Instead of searching for a “mortgage broker near me,” consider all your options.

This city is also almost as big as metro Vancouver as well, with an assortment of parks, event spaces, some ocean access, and two lakes, Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake.

At Deer Lake, there’s an outdoor event stage that hosts major touring musical acts throughout the summer months. As well, Deer Lake is home to the Burnaby Art Gallery and Burnaby Village Museum, which hosts family-friendly events throughout the year.

Burnaby is also home to two prestigious post-secondary institutions: Simon Fraser University and BC Institute of Technology. Both are highly respected centers of learning. The SFU campus on Burnaby Mountain, designed by renowned architect, Arthur Erikson, is a great area to walk around on its own.

Buying a Home in Burnaby, BC

Burnaby, BC, real estate is highly coveted. Burnaby is not only home to an abundance of parks and greenery but also home to the country’s second-largest shopping center, the Metropolis at Metrotown.

With all of the perks of Burnaby, BC, prospective residents can also expect to pay a little more than they would in the outlying suburbs, however, Burnaby is still slightly more affordable than Vancouver.

The cost of living in Burnaby is 22% higher than the national average, but this average takes rural areas as well as urban centers into account.

Burnaby, BC, real estate tends to cost 58% more than the national average, which also speaks to the desirability of the location. For a detached home, prospective home buyers will find prices start around the $1 million range, whereas condo prices begin at around $400,000.

When it comes to looking for investment properties, Burnaby’s rental market is healthy. Rent prices range from around $1900 to $4700 monthly.

While Burnaby residents may expect to pay more for a home, they can also expect more access to a thriving local job market. The unemployment rate in Burnaby, BC, is 42% below the national average, at 4.7%. Burnaby’s job market is also projected to grow significantly over the next ten years.

Why Work with an Expert Mortgage Broker in Burnaby, BC

One of the struggles of prospective home buyers in Burnaby is the affordability factor. Outside of the price of the home, the biggest leveraging point for monthly payments is going to be your mortgage rate.

Unfortunately, very little can be done to change the price of the home. However, mortgage rates can be negotiated by a mortgage broker in Burnaby, BC.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a home any time soon in Burnaby, start first by searching for a “mortgage broker near me.” Read on for all the ways how a mortgage broker can help.


Save Your Hard-Earned Time and Money

Mortgage brokers like me work independently, outside of the banks. This means I can go to any bank or any lender to secure the best rates around.

I don’t work for a bank, I work for you, and that means I work on your schedule. I am happy to keep my clients looped in via text message throughout the day or take calls outside of work hours because I know how hard it can be to spend your day trying to get through to a bank broker.

I will gather all the information about you at the outset so that you won’t have to work on application after application trying to get the best rates. This also means your credit score won’t be damaged by needlessly submitting multiple applications that weren’t going to be the right fit.

Saving you time and money is important to me. That’s why I will hunt for the best rates for you and why I like to keep myself available to talk at any time.

Gain Access to Exclusive Rates

As an independent mortgage broker, I can find all of the mortgage rates you researched online as well as ones that are not accessible to the general public.

Some rates are only accessible to brokers because the lenders opt only to work through brokers, and those rates are also not available through the bank.

Experienced mortgage brokers know where to look and who to call, and I like to go the distance to get the very best for my clients.

Increased Clarity with a Monthly Payment Calculator

I believe people should have all of the information at their disposal because choosing a new home is stressful enough as it is. To get the best sense of what payment situation will be most comfortable for your family, you need to know the facts. 

If you aren’t quite ready to set up a free consultation, why not try out one of my Monthly Payment Calculators to get a sense of what your payment schedule could look like?

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