Located on one of the islands of the Fraser River delta, Richmond, BC, is a growing city set apart (but not too far) from Metro Vancouver.

Richmond is famous for its world-class venues and diverse population, boasting pockets of delicious cuisine from around the world. This city has a bright cultural and nightlife sector and is home to the Olympic Oval as well as the River Rock Casino, which hosts notable musical acts.

The famous Richmond Night Market held on summer weekends has vendors, food, and entertainment for the whole family.

Steveston Village is a historic fishing community in the south end, where tourists can still find historic sites and gift shops and visit events like the Maritime Festival when the tall ships gather in the marina.

What You Need to Know About Buying a Home in Richmond, BC

Richmond, BC, is a great city by the sea, and there’s good news for those looking to live here because the housing market is growing.

What’s more, there’s good news for first-time home buyers because Richmond is also quite affordable (relatively speaking), so much so that 77% of households in Richmond are homeowners.

Situated just south of Metro Vancouver, Richmond, BC, makes for a great alternative for those who want to live and work in the city without paying the notorious Vancouver prices to do so.

Most home buyers opt to work with a mortgage broker in Richmond because the market is competitive. First-time home buyers have an especially steep learning curve ahead of them, so working with an industry expert can help to ease anxieties and ensure the process is done fairly and correctly.

Why it Helps to Work with a Mortgage Broker in Richmond

Working with a mortgage broker in Richmond, BC, takes away a lot of the stress involved in the home buying application process.

One of the key benefits of working with an independent mortgage broker like me is that I’m not under the thumb of any bank and can work specifically for you. I can help guide you safely through the minefield, so you end up saving money and time. Keep in mind, I don’t charge a fee for my service, and the rates I have access to are often better than the banks. Plus, I can get you approved faster and point out all the details in the mortgage contract you wouldn’t know about.

Saving Time and Money

Because mortgage brokers like me are independent, we’re not employees of the bank. This means I will find the best rate and mortgage options for you, regardless of the lending bank or credit union.

I’m also able to work outside industry business hours and keep you looped in via text message, so you don’t need to spend your day following up trying to get answers from your banker.

These factors alone will save you time as well as money. You will also gain the benefit of saving time by the fact that I will do all of the leg work for you. I will gather all of the necessary information about you and bring you a clear list of the products available to you.

This also means that your credit score will not be needlessly affected by submitting multiple applications that were never going to be the right fit.

I Bring You More Access 

As a mortgage broker, I will find not only the mortgages you have researched online but also the ones that are not accessible to the general public. Some lenders will only work with mortgage brokers, so those loans and rates will never be available through a bank.

In short, having an industry insider like me working for you can go a long way.  

Monthly Payment Calculator

I pride myself on offering clients the utmost ease and flexibility. To these ends, I have designed my services to give people what they need even before they opt to become official clients. One way I like to help out is by offering different calculators that can help you see what you can afford even if you aren’t ready to set up a consultation.

Check out my Monthly Payment Calculator to help you get a sense of what your options might look like. This calculator can help to take the mystery out of home buying and mortgage applications so you know what to expect.

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