Mortgage Broker in Delta

Delta, BC is, of course, aptly named for the fact that it lies in a delta, between the arms of the Fraser River, with the ocean to the south.

As any mortgage broker in Delta, BC, will tell you, this is a phenomenal place for families to settle down.

Located on the lower mainland, Delta has easy access to Metro Vancouver, as well as the airport and the Tsawwassen ferry gateway to Vancouver Island and the gulf islands. In fact, Delta is such a desirable location that the population is growing fast, with real estate prices rising in tandem.

So, whether or not you’re new to the home buying process, having a mortgage broker on your team can be a big help in cutting down your stress and your monthly mortgage rates.  

Buying a Home in Delta, BC

The average home price in Delta, BC, is upward of $1.5 million. As with most locations in the lower mainland, competition is a factor.

This should come as no surprise since Delta, with its multiple boroughs including Tsawwassen, Ladner, and North Delta boasts safe, quiet, and clean neighborhoods. Delta has agricultural areas as well as beautiful parks and beach access.

There are art centers in both Tsawwassen and North Delta, and the city has invested in building culture and community with Culture Days and through the Delta Heritage Society and the Douglas J. Husband Discovery Centre.

Delta is committed to preserving its beautiful natural environment. The Burns Bog Delta Nature Reserve is a great walk for families and dogs. Also, there are numerous other parks and walking trails around the municipality and along the water.

Delta, BC, is also home to the Tsawwassen First Nation and the Tsawwassen Mills outlet megamall, which makes for an excellent day trip.

What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?

As a mortgage broker, I work with clients in Delta, BC, and around the lower mainland who are seeking a mortgage in order to purchase a new home.

The principal role of a mortgage broker is to find clients the best rates possible for their mortgages.

I am also able to help current homeowners who would like to make adjustments to their mortgage, whether through a home equity loan or a reverse mortgage. I am also certified in the Smith Maneuver, which can help homeowners save money and even significantly shorten the amount of time it will take to repay mortgages.

The mortgage rate you receive will determine the amount of interest you will pay on your mortgage, which significantly affects your monthly payments.

So, what does a mortgage broker do? Simply put, a mortgage broker is an independent expert whose job is to save you time and money, so you can get back to what matters most.

Why Work with a Mortgage Broker in Delta, BC?

Reason #1: Save Time

Sometimes, there’s nothing worse than trying to manage all of the stress of making a major purchase and having to sit on the phone waiting to speak with bank mortgage specialists. 

Since I work independently, I’m able to work outside of banking hours and make sure that I’m easily accessible to all of my clients. I often text clients updates throughout the day and am happy to take calls outside of working hours. I will also gather all of your information once, so you don’t have to spend extra time filling out applications only to find out it was not the right fit.

Reason #2: Save Money

Because I don’t work for a bank, I’m able to search for the best rates available regardless of the lending institution. We know that interest rates fluctuate, and this is often represented at different institutions differently because not all mortgage products are created equal. 

I can find what will work best for you and your situation and send targeted applications so you won’t have your credit rating unnecessarily affected by unsuitable attempts.

Reason #3: Gain Access to Exclusive Rates

It’s a little-known fact that some lenders are only willing to work with mortgage brokers. 

This means that these special rates will not be available through the bank, and they won’t be accessible to the general public. But I work hard to get the very best rates for all of my clients, and this means tapping into all my resources to save you as much money as possible on your mortgage.

Find Out What Your Monthly Payments Might Look Like

I believe that everyone should have equal access to information about their financial decisions. This is why I have created several calculators on my website, including the Monthly Payment Calculator, so you can run the numbers for yourself to find out what will be the best scenario for you.

If you aren’t quite ready to set up a free consultation with me as a mortgage broker in Delta, BC, why not try out this Monthly Payment Calculator to get a sense of what your payment schedule could look like?

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