Despite being only a few Skytrain stops from bustling Metro Vancouver, New Westminster has the relaxed feel of a small town.

Many people from BC and around Canada would love to live in this location with its views of the Fraser River, the exciting Quay, and the fantastic New Westminster weather.

Home prices are still relatively high due to New West’s charms and location, so working with a mortgage broker in New Westminster can make all the difference in signing on a new home.

Buying a Home in New Westminster

New Westminster is the dream suburban city for anyone who wants to have easy access to Vancouver without the city’s prices. However, there are many more reasons why New West is attractive to prospective home buyers.

First of all, the main waterfront strip of New Westminster is a tourist area with historic brick buildings and great shopping. This area is also home to the New Westminster Quay, a waterfront market with even more shopping plus tons of regular events. This is a city that’s full of heritage and culture.

Another massive benefit to living in New Westminster is that it’s already connected to the Skytrain line. This means that residents can hop on and be in Vancouver in about 30 minutes without having to pay a cent for gas or wait in traffic. For commuters, this can make all the difference since they can grab a coffee and read a book or catch up on social media instead of falling asleep in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

New West is also home to over 45 parks, comprising 16 square kilometers of green space. Queen’s Park hosts an annual zoo for young ones, and Pier Park is a waterfront boardwalk with an urban beach and volleyball courts – perfect for enjoying the great New Westminster weather.

It’s no wonder the housing market in New West is heating up, so with that comes more competition and higher prices. Here’s how working with a mortgage broker in New Westminster can help.

What is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker’s principal role is to find clients the best rates possible for their mortgage. Some folks don’t know that your mortgage rate, not your down payment, has the biggest effect on your monthly payments.

As a mortgage broker in New Westminster, I work with clients all around the lower mainland to help them find and secure the best mortgage possible.

As part of my job, I also work with homeowners who need to make adjustments to their mortgage, whether for renewal or to secure a home equity loan or a reverse mortgage. I am certified in the Smith Maneuver as well, which can help homeowners save money and even significantly shorten their repayment horizon.

So what is a mortgage broker? Simply put, a mortgage broker is an expert whose job is to save you time and money, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Why Work with a Mortgage Broker in New Westminster, BC?

Not all mortgage brokers are created equal. Many work for the bank, but some, like myself, are independent, and this means I work for you. Working with a mortgage broker in New Westminster has numerous advantages, and here are just a few to consider.

I Will Save You Time

There’s nothing worse than trying to manage the burdens of daily life, plus trying to buy a new house and then not being able to get a hold of your mortgage broker when you need to. Since I work independently, I can work outside of banking hours and make sure that I’m easily accessible to all of my clients. 

I communicate by text to update clients throughout the day and make calls outside of regular working hours. I will also take the time to gather your information just once, so you don’t have to spend your own precious time filling out applications only to find out it was not the right fit.

I Will Save You Money

Because I don’t work for a bank, I can search all lending institutions to offer you the very best rates out there. I will also find what will work best for you and your situation before sending targeted applications so you won’t have your credit rating unnecessarily affected by shot-in-the-dark attempts.

Exclusive Rates

Some lenders are only willing to work with mortgage brokers. This means that there are special rates that are not accessible to the general public. But I work hard to get the very best rates for all my clients, and this means tapping into every last resource to save you as much money as possible.

Calculate your Monthly Payments From Home

I believe that everyone should have equal access to information about their financial decisions. This is why I have created several calculators on my website, including the Monthly Payment Calculator, so you can run the numbers for yourself to find out what will be the best scenario for you.

If you aren’t quite ready to set up a free consultation, why not try out this Monthly Payment Calculator to get a sense of what your payment schedule could look like?

Book a Free Consultation Any Time!

When you’re ready to talk, I’d love to hear from you, whether to talk about refinancing an existing mortgage or applying for a new one. Contact me when you’re ready, and I will help you navigate the mortgage process with less stress and more savings!